What is a Birth Doula?

As a navigational partner and nurturing presence, the Doula supports and guides parents during their rite of passage into parenthood.

Birth is busy, having a Doula ensures there is always available undivided attention to nurture the mother through each contraction. A Birth Doula enables and empowers everyone in the birth room, leading by example and normalizing the intensity of labor with her calm and knowledgeable presence. 

As a Birth Doula I actively collaborate with expectant mothers and her birth partner(s) before, during and after the birth process.  Deeply in tune with the rhythms of labor, and how to physically and emotionally support prospective parents as their unique experience unfolds, I provide physical hands on comfort measures, wisdom in helpful birth positioning, and guidance while navigating medical information. 

I support women in all birthing environments. Whether your choice is to birth by caesarean, stay at home, or birth in the hospital.