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Lindsey has 16 years experience as a Doula and Childbirth Educator here in Thunder Bay.  She loves all things birth; seeing a woman feel unselfconscious and able to respond to the mystery that is birth,  seeing partners connected and confident in their ability to support the birth of their children and seeing babies skin to skin bonding and experiencing love in their first moments of life.                 

As a Doula she is a calm presence that has extensive knowledge of the rhythms of labour.  Able to suggest and role model strategies to deal with the normal challenges of labour at each unique stage, from early labour at home, through active labour, to your first important moments with baby.

With years of experience witnessing birth, Lindsey has learned how a woman can move her body to increase labours effectiveness. How to use the breath to cope with the intensity of contractions.  What words or questions can validate and encourage her as she moves through moments of doubt, fear or not knowing.  The wisdom of touch to soothe and relax the body, and ideal birthing positions to facilitate babies movements through the body.

Inspired and trained by a number of incredible organizations committed to changing birth on earth.  She weaves together philosophies from DONA , Birthing From Within and Spinning Babies, creating a holistic approach to supporting families in the childbearing year. Dedicated to helping families discover and understand their personal birth values and hold these at the center of her care when connecting with them.