The mission of these classes is to bring parents together to collaborate and prepare for the journey of birth and parenting.  To get parents moving in their bodies, sharing good questions and exploring relevant juicy topics related to the mystery, the knowing and not knowing that is a part of becoming parents.  


A sample menu for the series may include: 

Lindsey’s classes are a chance to create space to practice together, the tools you will use in coping with the intensities of labour


  • Learn effective hands-on pain coping practices

  • Practice practical positions to help baby navigate through the pelvis

  • Understand the rhythm of contractions

  • Explore inner experience of the stages of labor

  • Affirm partner’s role and needs

  • Create a supportive environment at home and in the hospital

  • Prepare for unexpected and unwished for events

  • Postpartum health and transition to parenthood

  • Asking questions and making informed decisions in the moment

  • Share personal questions and fears

The class sizes are small , casual and include sharing food together.  There is plenty of space to connect with other parents and create community that you can reach out to for ongoing support after the class has finished.


Classes are based on the "Birthing From Within" philosophy

Birthing from within was created by Pam England. Pam’s vision was to encourage parents learning through interactive, creative participation, in a spirit of fun and curiosity.  She believes parents already know a lot and has developed processes to help parents discover and validate their own knowledge, rather than directing a stream of information at them.  BFW believes there is heavy emphasis on gathering information as a way to prepare for birth, but there needs to be more.  Stages of labor, anatomy or physiology of birth is fascinating but less relevant to a woman white-knuckling through a contraction.  With it’s hands on approach, BFW aims to provide practical tools for dealing with the emotional and physical challenges that a woman encounters in birth.